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This form is a reservation request for the Cal Fremling Floating Interpretive Center. We will follow-up your request to discuss next steps and any additional information needed to process your request. In order to confirm your reservation you will need to provide any requested information in a timely manner to ensure adequate processing time prior to your desired reservation date.

Catering is available for trips through a number of vendors. Caterers must complete (or have previously completed) the WSU approval process to cater events. This information will be needed to confirm the reservation request; this process will be discussed in the follow-up if catering is requested.

Beer and wine can be catered (liquor prohibited) for trips through the use of a vendor as stated above; if alcohol is catered food must also be served. If alcohol is requested we will discuss the details/process in the follow-up.

This process requires additional paperwork and approval time so please plan to complete the follow-up checklist promptly if you are requesting beer and/or wine for your reservation.